Relief Song written Need musicians to record

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hey just finished writing relief time donated and musicians and singers to record so we can raise funds  6317395527

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Make Your Band’s Site Sing

Just wrote relief song called just one world. Kind of like we are the world style. Need studio time donated need musicians singers lets get together and do this call me 631-739-5517 michael Long Island ny

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Hey musicians! We just launched with two new features to help you rock the web: playlists and upcoming events.

We know that you need specific features to create a killer experience on your band’s site. You need a calendar so fans can keep track of your gigs, an easy way to embed your music, and lots of social media options to share the love. Oh, and all this on a tight budget? Check, 1-2-3. has a symphony of tools you can use to keep fans in the loop and share music with them, the media, labels, and venues.

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